Welcome to Revelation Strength

We offer strength and conditioning that focuses on improving athletic performance.   We train in  small group sessions where each athlete works at their own ability level and pace, but still has the support of a commonly focused community.

We mix traditional barbell training, basic Gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting, and other movements to train a wide range of physical attributes that increases each athlete’s General Physical Preparedness (GPP).  We use medicine balls, gymnastic rings, the human body, kettle bells, sleds, tires, and plyometric movements.  We emphasize nutritional practices that allow our athletes to sustain and flourish in this system and in life. Click here for more in-depth information about our methods and recommended nutrition.

Improving General Physical Preparedness is known to enhance performance and quality of life in everyone from grandmothers and stay-at-home parents to tactical operators and professional athletes.

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